Design Principles in UI

Design principles are what UX/UI designers use intentionally or subconsciously in their day-to-day workflow. These are the fundamental rules that help achieve great results in the visual, user interface, graphic, or any other kind of design. These rules are based on the Gestalt principles created by psychologists in the early 20th century in Austria and Germany.

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practical tips

Make sure you evaluate your designs against each of these principles and achieve a good combination of them in your composition.

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2 thoughts on “Design Principles in UI”

  1. Hello Paul,

    UX HINTS is the clearest and most beautiful and helpful resource I found on the web about UX/UI so far.
    Everything, from the design system to the images to PDFs to text to content in general, is so nice to the eye as well as easy to be absorbed by the brain. This is quite a hell of a job as for facilitation.

    Thank you so much for you time and your efforts in doing this.

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